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Too much sodium can make you FAT!Easy New Way to Lose 10 lbs in 2 Weeks!
Now It's Easy to Banish Hidden Salt and Lose Weight!
For instance, did you know that a Premium Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken at a popular fast-food restaurant has more than DOUBLE the sodium of a large order of fries (890 milligrams vs. 350 milligrams)?

It's true! You can't always rely on your taste buds to spot a high-sodium meal. That's because salt often hides where you least expect it.

THE SALT SOLUTION gives you all the easy-to-use tools you need to painlessly lose weight. Just look:

• Miracle Minerals that blast salt bloating and boost your energy. Discover the sodium-stopping minerals on PAGE 42.
• Restaurant Guides that make it easy to dine out and stay healthy. Take a peek at PAGE 217 before you order!
• Supermarket Lists to fill your shopping cart with bloat-blasting foods. Don't go shopping until you see the entire eye-opening list on PAGES 187 AND 294.
• Salt Solution Stars! Discover delicious everyday foods loaded with miracle minerals that clobber the negative effects of salt! Take a peek at PAGE 45 before your next snack.
• And more! You'll never feel deprived because you'll be enjoying real food—and plenty of it. You'll never miss the salt—and you won't want to go back. And that's a promise!
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Most people aren't concerned about sodium unless their blood pressure rises. But studies now link sodium to an epidemic of serious — and even deadly! — health problems. And the newest discovery is ...

Excess sodium is making us fat!

It's the most surprising finding of the decade: Studies show that a salty diet can increase the size of fat cells and the total amount of fat in them!

Even worse: Excess salt can spike insulin, your body's fat-storage hormone. That's how consuming too much salt packs on more body fat — and causes you to weigh more!

Lose up to 10 lbs in Two Weeks!
Now There's a Simple, Easy Solution to Drop Pounds!

THE SALT SOLUTION is the groundbreaking book from PREVENTION that shows you exactly how to:

Flush your body clean of dangerous sodium–in just 2 weeks!–without fasting.

Break your craving for salty foods for good–even if it's been lifelong!

Reduce your bloat: Water weight will melt off! And you won't have to slave away on a treadmill.

Lose up to 10 pounds (or more) quickly–just by following this new "sodium–savvy" plan.

Identify sneaky products containing excess sodium–and replace them with healthier substitutions!

Feast on more than 80 delicious "sodium–savvy" recipes...lose even more weight...and live (much!) healthier ever after.

PLUS: You'll find ingenious food shopping secrets...dining out tips and tricks...ingenious strategies that cancel out sodium's harmful effects...and more!

Shake Weight and Get Energized the Easy Way

Surprised By Her Weight LossTHE SALT SOLUTION is the simple, easy, delicious way to reduce your weight—and improve your health at the same time.

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Break salt's fattening grip once and for all!
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